About Me

I've been a photographer for my entire life. Somewhere during that time the line from amateur to professional was crossed, though I'm not sure when. Some say it's when you shoot your first paid gig; and in a sense they're right. But there's so much more. 

I've dedicated the last 15+ years of my life to the art form, and made photography my career. It's more than that, really. It's how I relax. It's how I unwind. Wine helps. But spending time out of the house with a camera will forever be my favorite activity. 

Aside from photography, I've got many other hobbies, some of which I'm better at than others. I spent my formative years in the 90s and as a result I'm always up for talking about the old Nickelodeon lineup or explaining why One Headlight holds a special place in my heart.

I love traveling near and far and meeting new people, and this job allows me to do both. I'm truly grateful. Not just for what I've already been able to accomplish, but for what still lies ahead. 

Wedding Day

I'm often asked questions about what I do the day of a wedding. Obviously there's the actual shooting, but there's also the prep work, travel, and interaction, along with the full day of shooting. So I decided to use an extra camera body and shoot a short film. Enjoy.