Ask Me Anything

What are your prices?

It varies. I know, great answer, right? There are a few variables involved such as length of coverage, an engagement session, a second photographer, etc. Weddings average $1800 on the low end, and $3200 on the high end. Everyone else is in between. 

Please contact me and I'd love to put together a custom package that best fits your needs. If you only need a few hours of coverage, I can work with you on that as well. I also offer special pricing for Monday-Friday weddings, and off-season events.

I'm getting married in the middle of the state. Do you charge a travel fee?

If your wedding is a short drive from Pittsburgh (1-2 hours), then there's no additional charge. If I can’t drive back in the same day, I ask for one night's accommodations. If your wedding is taking place at the beach, another state, or another country, we'll figure it out together.

It's a destination wedding. What's the charge for that? 

I love to travel and have the opportunity to shoot in different locations. Let's talk about the event and build a custom package.

How many pictures will I receive?

I typically deliver between 600-800 photos for an all day event and between 50-150 for a portrait session. Please keep in mind that variables such as length of event can impact that number. It's safe to assume you'll receive about 100 images per hour of shooting. 

How will I receive the images?

Digitally. It’s 2019. But I can burn discs or put the images on a thumb drive for mom.

Do you work with another photographer?

Based on your event, if it's beneficial to have a second photographer who can act as my second set of eyes, shoot a second angle, and help me with lighting setups throughout the day, then yes. But first let's talk about the specifics of your event before incurring additional costs. 

How long until I get to see my photos?

The complete wedding will be available 2-3 weeks after the event. You can expect to see select shots of the event within the first 24 hours. Please allow one week's time for all other portrait sessions.

How do I view my images?

You'll receive a link to a secure, online proofing area. This site also allows you to share photos and order prints.

How can I or family/friends order prints?

By using the same online proofing area! The site allows you order virtually any print size, which is fulfilled by me and my lab within 24 hours from receiving your order. Your prints are then gift wrapped and shipped directly to you via UPS/Fed Ex, where you can track them online via the provided tracking number.

Do you design albums?

Yes, with your input. I can design you custom flush mount or regular albums. Prices vary based on several factors, so please contact me for more information. 

Do I receive a print release?

Of course! All weddings include a print release form. During the busy wedding season, there is a 95% chance I’ll forget to send that to you. Please remind me.

Are you insured?

Yes! If your venue requires proof, or if you just love love love to read legal forms, let me know and I'll get you a copy.

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