It was fourteen wedding seasons ago, 2006, when I started

prepping for what would be my first wedding.

An industry which was in the middle of change from the old to the new. Absolutely something I wanted no part in whatsoever. In fact I shot the wedding for what I hoped would be a fun learning experience. I researched, practiced, and supplemented my gear. Then the day came. And I had an absolute blast—I was in love. I started to put the word out, and before you know it, well, all this happened. I’m eternally grateful for everyone who’s chosen me to shoot their event. Really I am. It means the world, especially with today’s countless options available.

As long as you’ll have me, here’s to fourteen more seasons!


With fourteen wedding seasons under my belt, you'd be hard pressed to surprise me on wedding day. and no, that's not a challenge. 

I'm always trying out new ideas, scouting the region for photo locations, and tirelessly experimenting with different techniques to offer a unique, artistic approach to the work I produce at every event.

But there's more to every wedding than just the day of the event itself.

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more than just your photographer.

There's a lot that goes into planning a wedding. Once that day has arrived, you should do only one thing—enjoy it! From the time I start until the time I hand you off to the emcee, I'm not only your photographer, but also your time manager. I've also become a very unlikely authority on boutineers, pocket squares, bow ties, and wedding dresses. 

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